SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Neighbors say that a sharp curve on Garrard Avenue is putting them in danger. One neighbor says both her cars were hit in her own driveway.

Another says cars have repeatedly knocked down his mailboxes over the past six months, one time a car drove all the way into his bedroom.

Mary Maglio has spent her whole life on Garrard Avenue.

On two separate occasions, somebody driving on the curve has rammed their car into a parked car on her driveway.

She says despite countless attempts to address this with the county, nothing has been done.

“They want to do what they want to do. They don’t want to listen to what we have to say.” Maglio said.

Although the speed limit at the curve is 25 miles per hour, neighbors say that cars regularly drive through with speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour.

One resident tells me a reason for this uptick in accidents is that Garrard Avenue is being used as a “shortcut” to bypass traffic.

The most serious incident occurred in 2022.

A car flipped onto a neighbor’s front yard, killing the driver of the vehicle and knocking over a gas line- forcing many people to evacuate the neighborhood.

Roy Newsome, a resident of Garrard Avenue, was the owner of the house where this took place.

Newsome says that his property is crashed into at least once a month.

“The fences and all the gates have been knocked down,” said Newsome.