Report: Savannah Police officer’s arrest stems from domestic dispute

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – New details shed light on the arrest of a Savannah Police officer for cruelty to children and battery.

30-year-old Cpl. Andrew Inglett — who has been with the Savannah Police Department for 8 years — was arrested Monday night by the Chatham County Police Department. 

An incident report obtained by News 3 shows the charges stemmed from a dispute with his wife back in February.

The report states the couple was watching television in their living room when Inglett received a text. His wife claims it was from a “girlfriend” and Inglett did not tell officers otherwise.

Both parties said Inglett walked upstairs into a bedroom and his wife followed.

According to the report, the wife’s hand was pinched in the door at some point. It’s unclear if it happened while she was forcing herself into the bedroom or if he slammed the door on her hand.

“At this time his daughter [name redacted] came out of her room saying ‘your pinching mommy’s hand,’” the report states.

The wife claims they were able to get the children back into a bedroom before the situation escalated. Both parties state a physical altercation occurred, but the details are unclear.

“He said as he was being pulled down she threw herself back off him in a violent manner landing next to a table that was in the hallway,” the report states.

But the wife says Inglett “grabbed her by the back of the neck” and “threw her towards the ground causing her to hit her head on the table and the baseboard.”

The incident report states there were visible injuries to both parties: Inglett with scratches on both shoulders and his wife with a laceration on her cheek near her eye and a hematoma on her forehead.

“In the course of my investigation I was unable to determine a primary aggressor,” the responding officer stated in the report, citing conflicting statements and physical injuries to both parties.

“Had she simply left Andrew alone in the bedroom, the altercation never would have occurred,” the officer added.

The report states the couple was advised to separate for the evening. The wife was told how to obtain a Temporary Protection Order and take a warrant out if she chose.

Inglett was arrested and booked Monday, June 10, on charges of battery and cruelty to children.

According to a Savannah Police spokesperson, he has been placed on administrative leave pending the ongoing investigation.

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