Police, local leaders react to death of Shawntray Grant

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The Savannah Police Department met Thursday to address an indictment that connects seven people to multiple homicides and other crimes.

Osha Dunham and Nelaunte Grant are behind bars in connection to the death of a local community activist, Shawntray “Puff” Grant. 

Dunham is facing 78 different charges including 4 counts of murder. Police say Dunham tried to rob ‘Puff” before killing him on June 15, 2018.

Nelaunte Grant also facing murder charges for being a “party to the commission of a crime.” She is not related to the Grant family. 

Savannah Police say the 108-page indictment wouldn’t have been possible without help from the community.

“This was personal for me. As Shawntray Grant was one of our foot soldiers in our community,” District 1, Alderman Van Johnson said. 

Many say he was a warrior for a just cause.

“Mr. Grant was a beloved member of our community and someone who fought against gun violence in our community and tragically lost his life to gun violence in our community. As our detectives began investigating this case this investigation took several twists and turns,” Savannah Police Chief, Roy Minter said.

But family, friends and the community, remained hopeful.

“As a community, we were fed up and disgusted and for quite some time we said that we’re going to get justice for Puff. And certainly, today is the day and the beginning of that process,” Johnson said.

It was a process that involved long hours, search warrants, and interviews that required dedication. Chief Minter says he assured the Grant family that the investigation would remain a priority. 

“I can tell you that since I’ve been here, there has not been one day where there has not been an investigator working on this case,” Minter said. “I sincerely hope that this sends a clear message throughout our community that we will not tolerate illegal gangs, guns and drug activity in our community.”

Savannah Police say they still need help from the public so they can continue to investigate similar crimes. 

The Grant Family Attorney sent the following statement:

The family of Shawntray Grant wishes to thank members of law enforcement for their hard work on this case and the community for their support following his death.  

Shawntray worked diligently to make Savannah a better place.  He rallied for causes and wanted to ensure peace and harmony for our community.  

While nothing can bring him back, Shawntray’s family is thankful that those who took his life will be held accountable.

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