Editor’s note: Images included in this article may be disturbing to some

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Police were called to the scene of a gruesome discovery last week on Tybee Island.

Two headless roosters and cups of blood were found on the beach Thursday near 8th street.

The Tybee Island Police Department (TIPD) said it believed some kind of animal sacrifice took place.

“Officers responded to the beach in reference to some decapitated birds. When they got there they found the bodies of those birds along with solo cups of blood lying in the sand and it appeared to be some kind of unknown ritual,” Emory Randolph with TIPD explained.

A Tybee Island resident who happened to see the scene on her morning walk took some photos just before police arrived.

“Up above the tide line, we saw a bunch of red solo cups and we just figured someone had had a party and left all the trash,” said Tammy Grosse. “So we went to the area just to clean it up and as my husband reached for the cup, I realized there was a chicken head and that in the cup was blood.”

TIPD said this isn’t all that uncommon. They see several cases like this each year.

“We usually have at least one or two incidents a year. I believe this is actually our third for 2021,” said Randolph. “And this is just one more thing we have to deal with so we’d certainly like to see it…have an end put to it.”

It’s unclear how long the roosters were left on the beach.

“It’s less about the animal sacrifices as long as that is being done in a humane way and more about the disposal of the animal bodies and littering which are both covered under Georgia law,” Randolph added.

Under state law, anyone who maliciously kills an animal could faces charges, up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

TIPD urges anyone with information on the incident to call 912-786-5600.