BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — Eight years ago, tragedy struck a Beaufort family when a beloved coach was shot and killed on Halloween.

“That was my only child. He was my only child,” said Linda Brown Pringle.

Steven Brown was a football coach for the Beaufort Elementary School Wildcats. He was happily married and had seven kids, which meant the world to him.

He also loved the kids he coached. His mom says one year, he even helped plan a birthday party for one of his players.

“They meant so much to him, one of his kids had a birthday party and he already had, he got two bouncy houses and he had everything for the birthday party and he stopped the ice cream truck and said ‘Everybody come on get some ice cream,'” Linda said. “He was just that type of person. Free hearted and free-handed.”

On Halloween night in 2015, he was trying to help the kids that he loved so much. Steven was hosting a party at the Elks Lodge near downtown Beaufort, where he was raising money for the team.

Brown’s mother said, Steven was trying to de-escalate a shooting but he got caught in the middle and a stray bullet hit him — taking his life.

“My son had nothing to do with anything and him being a peacemaker, like he was, tried to de-escalate the problem. And these guys pulled out guns, shooting at each other and unfortunately, my son caught the bullets and he’s no longer here with us,” Linda said. “It’s been eight years but sometimes it feels like eight minutes. The pain is so, so bad.”

Linda wants justice for her son and their family. She said, the pain will never go away but she knows someone who was there that night should step up.

“I don’t think my son is even resting now,” Linda said. “Sometimes I can hear him say, ‘Mama, thank you. Thank you for not quitting on me.’ Somebody please, who was out there, y’all was out there that night he wouldn’t have did y’all like that. He would have spoken up. Please speak up.”

Beaufort Police said it’s still an open case and right now they don’t have an update to share with the public. However, if you know anything you can call the investigator at 843-322-7974.

Also, If you’d like to stay anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers of the Lowcountry at 843-554-1111.