EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office is warning about a fake post circulating on social media about traffic tickets.

The letter, appearing to be released by Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, claims that 800 traffic tickets have been accidentally issued. But the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office says that it’s a scam.

“It has come to our attention here at the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office of the letter attached circulating in the Internet. IT IS A SCAM!!!” said the sheriff’s office.

The letter states that due to an administrative error, over 800 traffic tickets have been issued in error to unsuspecting motorists.

Also in the letter, which spells Sheriff McDuffie’s name wrong, are fabricated quotes from McDuffie such as “We are thrilled that our diligent efforts to keep our roads safe have resulted in such a high number of traffic tickets being issued.”

According to Brian Bailey, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, there was an issue a month or so ago because of the timing on school zone camera. “Those tickets were voided, and the camera was fixed the same day.” said Bailey.

Even though the fake letter has circulated on social media, it could also appear in the mail. “We want to clarify and verify if anyone received it anywhere else, it didn’t come from us.”  said Bailey.

Below is a copy of the fake letter.