BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — A multi-agency operation led to the indictment of 16 individuals allegedly connected to the Outcast Motorcycle Gang in Bryan County. Called “Operation Patronus,” the 18-month-long operation resulted in the recovery of approximately $180,000 in cash and the seizure of 71 guns, among other items.

It’s considered the largest motorcycle gang indictment in state history.

The investigation started on June 17, 2022, at Flacos House Bar & Grill and the Red Roof Inn on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill where suspected members of the Outcast Gang were arrested after a shootout with another gang.

“One gang happens to see another gang and the shooting, this incident, this investigation was all initiated because one gang didn’t care for how the other gang was dressed,” said Richmond Hill Police Chief Mitch Shores. “They were wearing what they refer to as their colors and what another group considered to be their territory.”

What started as arrests became the uncovering of active gang activity in the area.

The following individuals are alleged to be a part of or related to the Outcast Motorcycle Gang.

  • Melaun Arturi Aiken (aka “Do Wurk”), 46 – President
  • Lee Alan Mole (aka “Trench”), 58 – Secretary
  • Taurus Marquis Simmons (aka “Repeat”), 42 – Member
  • Terrance Donita Potter (aka “Chatter Box”), 44 – Member
  • Eddie Latson (aka “Stash”), 43 – Vice President
  • Joseph Leeks (aka “Axel”), 44 – Road Captain
  • Marquis Jones (aka “Grudge”), 34 – Member
  • Michael Randolph (aka “Chop”), 43 – Business Manager
  • Donovan Scott (aka “Sockit”), 35 – Sergeant at Arms
  • Shron Gilbert (aka “Hard Left”), 51 – Member
  • Demon Thompson (aka “9 Ball”), 45 – Associate
  • Paul Gosden (aka “White Collar”), 52 – Associate
  • Theron Singleton (aka “DMB” and “Do My Best”), 57 – Member
  • Labarron Pollock (aka “Bootleg”), 48 – former Vice President
  • Jemar Mack (aka “Ghost” and “Ghost Ryder”), 34 – Member
  • Whitney Lenore Hooks (aka “Secrets”), 36 – Associate

With the help of multiple agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, police uncovered the headquarters of the gang’s local chapter — a house in Liberty County.

And after a year and a half of thorough investigations, the indictments were made, with charges ranging from aggravated assault to attempted robbery to violation of street gang terrorism.

“Over the course of the year, we’ve looked through different social media accounts, looked through cell phone records, and found that they all met up here, and we were placing people under surveillance, and they happened to be up at the Red Roof Inn here in Richmond Hill,” said Capt. Richard Green with the Richmond Hill Police Department.

Although Richmond Hill Police spearheaded the investigation, they say they share equal credit with the other agencies with over 270 officers making arrests in Bryan, Chatham, Bulloch and Evans counties.

“Our goal and our hope is that other agencies will partner with us, partner with each other and emulate that and have the same success if not more with gang activities in the area,” said Shores.

The chief wanted to recognize the efforts of Det. Pete Delatorre of the Richmond Hill Police Department and Agent Lee Hoover of the ATF in the investigation.

Police say although the shootout was their first run-in with the Outcast Gang, they say gang violence is something local police and communities should begin having a greater focus on.

No court date has been set for the 16 indicted.