ONLY ON 3: Surveillance video helping track down a hit and run suspect

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Aurelio Villa-Martinez is wanted for Felony Hit and Run in Bluffton

An accident in the parking lot of a Lowcountry gas station sends a woman to the hospital.

The driver runs away. now he’s wanted for hit and run.

Now Bluffton Police hope that releasing surveillance video will help someone track down the suspect.

The video is from just before 6 a.m. Thursday morning at the Nickel Pumpers gas station on Bruin road.

It shows a green pickup truck back into a woman standing near her car, pinning her between the two.

As she lies on the ground, that truck makes a three-point turn and leaves the area.

“Mr. Martinez backed into her,” explained Bluffton Police Department Cpt Joe Babkiewicz. “(He) Knew he backed into her and left the scene without even checking to see if she was ok. when in fact she was not ok.”

It takes more than four minutes before anyone comes to her aid. Only then does someone call an ambulance.

As that is happening police say the suspect, Aurelio Villa-Martinez, drives down the road and calls his wife.

“When Mr. Martinez left the scene he parked the car down the road at another gas station where he called his wife and said I just did something bad and you need to come to pick up the car,” explained Babkiewicz.

She did pick up the truck, then came back to the scene of the crime…and told police what he said.

As the victim recovers, Martinez is on the run, wanted for felony hit and run.

“He knew he hit this person and didn’t stop to render aid or help out,” said Babkiewicz. “Rather he made the decision to drive down the road, park the car and tell her he did something bad. This makes us feel that he is a danger to other people which is why we want to catch him as quickly as possible.”

If you know where Aurelio Villa-Martinez is, call the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Dispatch or the Bluffton Police Department tipline at 1-888-274-6372 right away to bring him to justice.

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