POOLER, Ga. (WSAV) – Many people have been talking online about a local man who says he was improperly arrested and “roughed up” by Pooler Police.

The department had been silent on the issue until Wednesday when they showed the body camera footage only to News 3.

On July 8, 74-year-old Jack Shaw was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, making terrorist threats, obstruction of a police officer and aggravated assault of a police officer.

Social media has been buzzing over Shaw’s age and his treatment by the department.

“I didn’t see where there was a comment that needed to be made,” explained Pooler Police Chief Ashley Brown. “I didn’t see there was anything to defend. I watched the video and they did everything right. I shouldn’t have to explain anything.”

But as the comments continued and the tone got angrier, Brown decided it was time to show everyone what really happened.

“It just got the point they needed to see the other side and quit making assumptions and guesses at what happened and why it happened,” said the chief.

“You gotta flat?” The body camera video starts with that comment. The officer coming to the aid of a stranded motorist, Shaw, who had a flat tire.

“You want me to call Champs for you or anything?” the officer asked.
“Champs?” Shaw responded.
“They are roadside assistance they can come out and do everything,” the officer said.
“I don’t have the money for that,” explained Shaw.

The officer had her car behind Shaw’s with lights on to help protect him from traffic.

After a few minutes, she called in the tag, and found out the car’s owner, who turned out to be one of Shaw’s sons, not Shaw, had a suspended license.

“Do you have your driver’s license on you sir?” the officer asked.
“Why do you want that?” wondered Shaw.
“I’m just asking,” she said.
“You don’t need a driver’s license.”
“You don’t have it on you?”
“You don’t need it.”
“What do you need with a driver’s license for a freaking flat tire? Did I break the law, no,” Shaw said.
“You did drive up on the curb,” the officer responded.
“Oh my god heaven forbid I drove up on the god damn curb,” Shaw said. “I got up on the curb to get the jack under the car.”

Shaw eventually relents and gives the officer not his driver’s license, but his passport card.

“Did you run it?” Shaw asks the officer.
“No,” she says.
“Why not?”
“Because I asked for your driver’s license first.”
“Give it to me back,” demands Shaw.
“Are you going to give me your driver’s license?” the officer asks again.
“Hell no. Give me my damn information back. You can run what you got.”
“Ok ill try it.”
“Go for it.”

The officer stands there for a few more minutes, but then the situation got tense. Shaw walked toward her with a tire iron in his hand.

“Can you put that down?” asks the officer.
“Hell no, don’t start that with me,” Shaw yells. “You have no authority.”
“Sir put it down. Put it down,” she said.

That’s when the officer pulls out her taser.

“Oh that’s good,” says Shaw. “Don’t do that. Where’s your gun at? You people like to shoot somebody. Get your gun.”

“What you see happen with the tire iron. I would have imagined I would have been threatened as well,” explained Chief Brown. “He approached her. There was no tire anywhere near her where she stood. What I saw in the video looked like he was cocking it.”

Backup then arrives in the form of a male officer who once again confronts Shaw about his license.

I don’t need a driver’s license,” says Shaw.
“You need a driver’s license,” explains the officer.
“No I do not.”
“I need something with your driver’s license.”
“You ain’t getting my ID. You don’t need it. There’s no law that says you got to have it.”
“I am not a US citizen,” continues Shaw. “I’m a citizen of America. I’m not a Washington DC US citizen. I don’t belong to the f—in corporation like you guys.”
“So you don’t belong to the USA?” asks the officer.
“I belong to America. Its where I was born.”

The officers then consult about the tag, and Shaw’s refusal to give them his driver’s license.

“Don’t run the god damn tag, run that thing right there,” says Shaw. “I’m not threatening anybody.”
“We are trying to talk to you,” explains the second officer.
“Why don’t you pull your gun?” Shaw taunts the officer.
“I don’t need to pull my gun,” responds the cop.
“That’s what you like to do ain’t it? Don’t you guys like to shoot not talk to me.”

After more than 20 minutes in all, Shaw is placed in handcuffs. The video shows he continues to fight the officers, who tell him to “get on the ground. get on the ground now or you are going on the ground.” They eventually push his legs out and take him to the ground.

“They asked him to put his hands behind his back,” says Brown. “They asked him to get on the ground, they were on the asphalt when they grabbed him and took him to the grassy area. They did everything they could.”

Shaw was placed in the back of the police car and taken to jail.

More than a month later the comments continue, comments the chief hopes will end with the release of this video.

“What would you have to tell the people who said things?” News 3 asked.
“Watch the video,” Brown said. “I don’t think there needs to be anything else said.”