BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — Halloween is just around the corner and for many kids, it involves dressing up as their favorite character and enjoying some of their favorite candy. But, there is a new warning about a harmful drug that looks like your child’s favorite candy.

Rainbow fentanyl is a dangerous drug that could be packaged in a ‘SweeTARTS’ box or ‘Whoppers’ candy box, but officials say this is not a treat, but rather a harmful drug that could kill you. Law enforcement officials are on high alert this Halloween season.

“It’s almost a marketing 101, so folks in the illicit, illegal and illicit drug trade are packaging even creating their drug to look like normal things,” Lt. Lee Levesque of the Burton Fire District said. “Multi-colored, your flintstone vitamin looks, your skittle things. Things of that nature and they’re presenting them as such in hopes of having the newest and best way to sell their illegal drug and make their money, it’s a business process.”

Fentanyl is described as a super painkiller to help people who are dealing with severe medical conditions. This drug is targeting young kids with different shapes and colors. And as Halloween rolls around, officials are asking parents to be mindful of their child’s Halloween candy.

“This Halloween season, awareness and just eyes open, and pay attention,” Levesque said. “Safety is always the case, especially with children. As a parent myself, we get that. So, pay attention to what your children are doing, what they’re wearing, what they’re eating. And before they eat any of their candy, review just like we’ve always have.”  

And if you want to be on the safe side, Staff Sargent of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, Danny Allen says to swap out the goodie bag for candy that you have purchased and know is safe to eat.

“Another tip parents could do, allow the kids to trick-or-treat, but actually you can go the store yourself and go ahead and just buy several random candies and instead of allowing them to eat the candy that they’ve received,” Allen said. “You can already give them the candy that you know is safe.”