SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A medical examiner testified that Shawntray Grant was shot eight times the night he was robbed and killed.

Grant was a popular community activist in Savannah who was gunned down in the parking lot of his apartment complex in the early morning hours of June 15, 2018.

GBI Regional Medical Examiner Dr. Edmund Donahue testified that five of the wounds were in the back. He said any number of the wounds might have been fatal on their own.

Donahue said several bullets damaged Grant’s lungs and heart. He also testified that several bullets and bullet fragments were recovered during the autopsy.

Osha Dunham, 25, is charged with murder and robbery and a list of other charges in connection with Grant’s death.

24-year-old Nelaunte Grant (no relation) is also charged with murder and robbery in connection with Shawntray Grant’s death. The prosecution contends she set up Shawntray Grant to be robbed the night he died because she knew about the money he’d won gambling.

A police detective testified last week that Nelaunte Grant texted and called Osha Dunham several times the night that Shawntray Grant went gambling on a casino boat in Brunswick.

Tuesday, Nelaunte Grant’s attorney, Tom Bateski, asked questions of a detective (on cross-examination) about the reported text messages and phone calls.

Detective Jacob Schroyer said the messages themselves had been deleted but that phone records of both Grant and Dunham still indicated that communications had taken place back and forth. Bateski asked the detective if he had heard of phone spoofing, i.e. when someone uses a number that is not their own and if Nelaunte Grant’s phone number could have been spoofed.

Detective Schroyer responded that is was his understanding that phone records actually belonging to Grant would not have indicated she made calls to Dunham’s number.

DNA expert Gary Harmor testified that he had analyzed a DNA sample from Dunham and compared it to DNA captured from a weapon stolen from Shawntray Grant the night he was murdered.

Harmor said there is a “strong likelihood” that DNA from Dunham is on the weapon. The stolen weapon was recovered nearly two months after Grant’s death during a shooting incident in which Dunham was also injured.