SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Mayor Eddie DeLoach is calling for unity and tolerance in the Savannah community after District 3 Alderman John Hall’s car was damaged.

On Tuesday morning, Hall’s vehicle was found with smashed and broken windows on the corner of 52nd Street and Skidaway Road. The car had advertisements for Hall’s reelection campaign on it.

Hall shared photos of the vandalism on Facebook, saying “We will still rise above. Crime and vandalism is NOT welcomed in the 3rd!”

The alderman said he was shocked to find the vandalism. Meanwhile, Mayor DeLoach says he’s concerned.

“In a day and age where unity is discouraged and tolerance is scarce, I strongly believe we have a duty to respect every individual regardless of background or beliefs,” Mayor DeLoach said. “I’m saddened by the attack on Alderman Hall’s property and call on our community to remember that no matter our politics, we are stronger united than divided – and that no individual should ever be subject to intimidation or attack in the City of Savannah.”

DeLoach added that he is grateful Hall and his family were not injured.

Hall told News 3 this was a senseless act of vandalism but he says he’s making no assumptions that this was political.

His opponent in the District 3 race, Linda Wilder Bryan, was upfront when News 3 contacted her. She says she doesn’t condone vandalism or violence and certainly believes no one in her camp would ever do anything like that.

A similar incident happened last month when vandals threw stones through the truck windows of Kesha Gibson Carter, who is running for Alderman at Large Post 1 in Savannah.

In speaking out this week, DeLoach says he isn’t trying to give anyone special treatment, but pointing out the reality that anyone — even a member of the city council — can be a victim of crime.

Hall has filed a police report and says the campaign continues.

DeLoach is asking anyone who may have information on the incident to contact the police.