BRUNSWICK, Ga. (WSAV) — A chemical plant caught fire Monday morning in Glynn County, which prompted evacuation and shelter-in-place orders from local law enforcement.

According to the Glynn County Police Department, the Symrise chemical plant at Colonel’s Island was evacuated and multiple explosions were reported. The plant is just off Highway 17 in Brunswick.

Both Glynn County and Jacksonville officials provided an update at a press conference on Monday evening where they lifted the evacuation notice. Officials also said as of 6 p.m. all the fires, except one small fire, had been extinguished.

Officials said crews will put in an additional layer of foam to suppress lingering vapors and hot spots. The state’s fire marshall will also begin investigating what caused the fire.

Crews have gone in and made sure valves were shut to stop any more of that hydrogen peroxide from leaking. They also said they made sure tanks had cooled down and tonight they have put one more layer of foam over the part of this plant that burned Monday. 

“At this point, we think everything is under control and contained to be safe to come home,” Thomas Neal, Glynn County District 3 Commissioner said.

Officials say the call came in around 4 a.m. on Monday morning. Less than 10 people were working at the plant when the fire broke out, and none of them were injured. Authorities said one firefighter was hospitalized due to exhaustion from fighting the fire.

Three explosions were emitted from the plant in total. The first explosion happened on arrival and there were two more explosions throughout Monday. Those in the area could see the billowing smoke, at times, for miles. 

The Camden County Emergency Management Agency opened up a shelter center for evacuees at the Camden PSA Rec Center. Fire departments from multiple nearby towns were also called to the scene, including a hazmat team from as far away as Jacksonville.