SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Earlier this year, murder charges were dropped against Marquis Parrish in the death of Charles Vinson in 2021.

Now, he’s suing the City of Savannah and the former police detective who put him in jail for nearly two years.

Amid an internal investigation by the Savannah Police Department, Detective Ashley Wood was fired for reportedly falsifying evidence in Vinson’s death.

She’s accused of making up the fact that Parrish was seen on surveillance video buying cleaning supplies at a Walmart with three other people accused of Vinson’s murder.

“Defendant Wood intentionally fabricated testimony to multiple judges regarding the Walmart video in order to obtain search warrant affidavits,” the lawsuit reads. “Additionally, Defendant Wood received but withheld DNA and ballistic evidence from being tested which could have exonerated Plaintiff Parrish.”

It goes on to say that the city’s “systemic training failures” led to Parrish’s “improper indictment and incarceration.”

He’s seeking damages for “loss of money, loss of income, pain, suffering, embarrassment, humiliation, extreme mental anguish and severe emotional distress.”