HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — A new lawsuit claims Alex Murdaugh potentially could have prevented the death of a teen who died in a boating accident back in 2019.

This latest suit filed in Hampton County court by Mallory Beach’s boyfriend.

Anthony Cook was Mallory’s longtime boyfriend and one of the six people on the boat the night she died.

Now he is suing Alex Murdaugh, Parker’s Convenience store and the clerk who sold Paul Murduagh alcohol that night for their roles in her death and his trauma.

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“I finally got to the point i grabbed my girlfriend and put her in my lap in the bottom of the boat and i was holding on with my eyes closed. next thing I know I’m in the f—ing water and I can’t find her.”

That was Anthony Cook talking about what happened the night of February 24, 2019. The night the boat he and five friends were in crashed in Archer’s Creek. The night his girlfriend died.

All six teens aboard the boat were determined to be “grossly intoxicated” according to a Port Royal police report. That includes the person behind the wheel of the boat, Paul Murdaugh.

Murdaugh was facing boating under the influence charges in connection with the crash when he and his mother Maggie were shot and killed at his family’s property back in June.

Cook’s lawsuit holds Alex Murdaugh, Paul’s father partially responsible for the accident.

The suit claims that Murdaugh knew Paul had his older brother Buster’s ID and used it to buy alcohol illegally. Alex knew Paul drank according to the suit, yet still entrusted him with his boat that night.

It continues on to say that Alex knew paul was “unfit, incompetant, dangerous and reckless in his drinking habits and boating tendencies”. Yet he condoned his son’s evential “drunken condition”, allowing the 19 year old to take his boat out anyway with disasterous, deadly results.

The night of the crash, Cook was caught on dash camera admitting to investigators the uphill battle he or anyone would have against Paul or any of the Murdaugh family.

“Do y’all know Alex Murdaugh. That’s his son. Good luck.”

Cook’s brother, Connor, filed a lawsuit himself back in September saying the Murdaugh’s attempted to frame him as the driver in the crash.

Mallory’s mother, Renee Beach is suing the Murdaugh family on her daughter’s behalf as well.