Lyft ride takes terrifying turn

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WCNC/NBC News) – A man’s recent Lyft ride took a terrifying turn when police in Charlotte, North Carolina rammed the SUV, broke a window and pointed a gun at the innocent passenger.

Wes Wilson, a journalist from Texas, said he was shocked to later find out his Lyft driver was wanted for a recent drive-by shooting.

“I was frustrated and angry and it was ridiculous that it happened,” Wilson said.

Pictures taken that night show broken glass scattered across the passenger seat and a gun in the front seat.

“Thank God he didn’t start using it,” Wilson said.

Wilson said his ride went from routine to risky in a matter of seconds.

“All of a sudden (the driver’s) like, ‘Oh s—, I think the cops are following me,'” he said.

“All of a sudden the lights are on, the sirens are on,” Wilson said. “The officer comes up and he’s got his gun on me. All this glass sprays me. I kind of jerk back a little bit and I can feel the glass digging in my back. He’s yelling at me to, ‘Get out of the car. Get out of the car.’ In the initial moment, I was thinking, what do I need to do to not get shot? I’ve done nothing wrong.'”

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