COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Judge Clifton Newman on Monday ordered the state to provide attorneys for disgraced former lawyer and accused murderer, Alex Murdaugh, with evidence pertaining to the forensic analysis of a shirt Murdaugh was wearing the night his wife and son were murdered.

Blood spatter that the state claims a forensic expert found on the shirt has been key in the case that the state is building against Murdaugh, while Murdaugh’s team has insisted the evidence is invalid and inadmissible.

Murdaugh’s team filed a series of motions claiming the state destroyed the evidence during forensic testing and pressured their expert — Tom Bevel — to change his findings.

On Monday, Judge Newman issued an order requiring the state to produce:

“(1) Copies of all written or recorded communications to and from Mr. Bevel, regardless of mode of transmission.

(2) Copies of all electronic or physical documents sent to and received from Mr. Bevel, regardless of transmission.

(3) All Photoshop Document files of Mr. Bevel, or of any member, employee, or agent of Bevel, Garner & Associates, LLC, related to photographs of the white T-shirt Defendant was wearing the night his wife and son were murdered.

(4) A copy of the case file of Bevel as the term is defined in the Manual of the United States Department of Justice, 9-5.003 Criminal Discovery Involving Forensic Evidence and Experts.”

Murdaugh’s lawyers have argued that these materials are critical in preparing for the murder trial, which is set to begin January 23, 2022.