GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — 23 days ago when Trent Lehrkamp showed up to this Brunswick hospital that 19-year-old was barely alive.

His blood alcohol level was .464 and he was only taking six breaths a minute.

Dropped off by teens who wrote their names on a sheet of paper and then took off.

In the last three weeks—what we’ve learned about what happened to Trent—you could quite simply call it disgusting.

Trent Lehrkamp was attacked at a St. Simon’s Island home at least two different times. Two posts—shared in a Snapchat group—prove it. Included is a picture of Trent, passed out in a chair, covered in spray paint, surrounded by teens he considered his only friends.

Just four days before this picture was taken—Trent’s dad told police his son came home covered in WD-40, vomit, paint, glue, egg yolk and paint. There was a post on social media from that night too.

What happened to Trent has this community demanding justice.

 “We’re looking at this investigation from a wholistic point of view,” said O’Neil Jackson, Glynn County’s Interim Police Chief. 

But what hasn’t happened in the last three weeks is an arrest.

Police have identified more than 11 people in Trent’s case. One of those people, we’ve learned, is Edward Rooker Hobby in the video above is a mugshot from an arrest for criminal trespass.

Since Trent’s story was shared, Hobby has been accused in another police investigation linked to this same house where a teen told police Hobby shot her in the back with an Orbeez gun.

As people here continue to hope for justice for Trent. Trent continues to get better.

“I’m alive and doing well and I’m recovering. Just know it’s going to be a long time for me to get over this,” Lehrkamp said earlier. 

Now at an out-of-state treatment center, he’s sharing a strong promise as police continue this investigation.

“Justice will be served,” the teen said. 

We know that investigators have met with the district attorney’s office, but the case has not been turned over to the prosecutors.