GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — An officer working security in the hospital emergency room first reported Trent Lehrkamp was there. According to computer-aided dispatch records requested by the WSAV Investigative Unit, police got that call at 8:46 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21st.

The recording from the 911 dispatch center starts with the officer on the phone, “Hello, this is Officers Charles at the hospital.”

That security officer tells the dispatcher, “Yes, ma’am, somebody in the E.R. room number 35 wants to do a report with a county unit for possible hazing.”

We have learned that person was Trent Lehrkamp’s father Mark. When the officers got to the Southeast Georgia Health System hospital, he told them his son, who was on a ventilator, covered in spray paint, and smelled like urine, had been targeted two other times by a group of teenagers Trent Lehrkamp considered his only friends.

The WSAV Investigative Unit has linked one of the teens, linked to Trent’s case through a disturbing SnapChat post, to an arrest in November of 2022.

At the time he was arrested, Edward Rooker Hobby was 17 years old. An arrest report from November, after his mother called 911, says the officer walked into the Hobby’s home to find a shattered mirror and broken pot.

The officer taking the report says when he asked the teen to share his side of the story, Hobby told him it involved his “private family” and that the officer could either “arrest him or leave him alone,” the report says.

Edward Rooker Hobby spent three days in jail, charged with criminal trespass.

In the incident report for his arrest, Edward Rooker Hobb’s mother told the police her son, 17, was having a problem with drinking.

On Monday evening the Georgia Bureau of Investigation joined the case, as the Glynn County community called for justice for Trent.  A statement from the county spokesperson said investigators had interviewed all parties involved, including the victim, and had also collected electronic evidence in the case.

A week after Trent Lehrkamp was dropped off at a Brunswick hospital, the district attorney’s office is asking people to be patient, as it says investigations take time.

On Tuesday night WSAVs Investigative Unit learned new information regarding the investigation. The FBI confirmed that federal agents are assisting in the investigation into what happened to Trent Lehrkamp.

View the district attorney’s office’s full statement.