GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Today, police released a statement trying to dispel social media rumors surrounding the investigation into an attack involving Glynn County teen Trent Lehrkamp.

Interim Chief O’Neal Jackson, III said, in part:

“In the past days, our community has been challenged with a desire for swift justice and accountability, while balancing the need for a thorough and complete investigation. There is no question the video and pictures linked to the Lehrkamp investigation are very disturbing.”

He continued, “I can assure you that we are making every effort to conclude this matter consistent with our obligation to protect the rights of the victim and ensure that any investigation is as thorough and complete as possible.”

Chief Jackson goes on to say that there was no evidence that Trent was forced to ingest battery acid. There was also no evidence that he was defecated on.

Meanwhile, Trent is out of the hospital here – now getting treatment out of state – especially for the emotional injuries he’s now recovering from.

I did briefly talk with his grandmother yesterday. She told me her grandson is a sweet, loving teenager who was taken advantage of.

There are a lot of questions about why Trent went back to the home where he was attacked. His family told me yesterday Trent was threatened by the teens and is now being questioned by police.

In an audio message – his family shared yesterday – Trent says there will be justice.

One thing that Trent’s family did want to clear up – Trent doesn’t have autism – one of the many rumors that quickly spread on social media.

Investigators here have cell phones that are being searched for answers. We’ve learned last week they re-interviewed Trent—we know the police are working to put a case together.

That case will then go to the district attorney here who will decide if anyone will face charges.