HINESVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) — An investigation is underway in Hinesville after a shooting sent three people to the hospital Sunday night.

The shooting happened on Freedom Court, and we spoke with neighbors about their concerns following the incident.

“…I was laying about halfway asleep,” Robert Hicks, a neighbor said. “The next thing I know I heard a ‘POP POP POP’. The next thing I know I rolled on the other side of the bed because bullets don’t have no name.”

He said this is a rare occurrence for the neighborhood.

“This neighborhood is normally quiet,” Hicks continued. “But you know we have some people that come in the neighborhood that don’t even live in this neighborhood. I guarantee you those same people that did that stuff last night don’t even live around here.”

Hinesville Assistant Police Chief Tracey Howard said the two people who were shot were transported by car to Liberty Regional Medical Center. The third person was airlifted to Memorial Health in Savannah.

“When the officers responded initially to the call that happened at 10:22 [p.m.] last night, the original complaint that they were responding to was a complaint of threats,” Chief Howard said. “Prior to them being able to arrive on the scene they were able to determine that there had been multiple gunshots fired and at least three people struck.”

He said there are a lot of gaps to fill with this investigation. As of now, further investigation will have to take place to determine whether or not past shootings are connected.

Hicks told us he isn’t worried about his safety or the future of the neighborhood after the shooting.

“I’ve been in this neighborhood for 9 years and I know everyone who lives in all these houses,” Hicks explained. “I make it my business to know what’s going on in this neighborhood. I get along with everybody. I don’t fear anything or anybody around here. If I see anything come along I have 911 number.”

Chief Howard said the investigation is ongoing and the relationship and any possible suspect are still unclear.