Hilton Head’s “Pulse Point” app could help you save a life

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It is an app that could save a life.

The Hilton Head Fire Department is hoping to help people through technology.

They are one of several communities using the app “Pulse Point” to help give patients a better chance if they suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

Every second counts, especially when it comes to heart conditions, attacks or cardiac arrests.

For every minute CPR or Defibrillation is not administered, the chances of survival go down as much as 10%.

So just by getting to a patient a minute or two early the chances of survival increase dramatically.

Pulse Point alerts a user the moment a call comes in for a cardiac arrest in their area.

Anyone within a half mile will get that alert, along with a location of the patient.

GPS technology even will map the spot, and direct them to their exact location.

The design is to make sure that someone who knows CPR may be able to give that patient a second chance at life.

“You can’t have a fire station on every street corner so a response time of an ambulance might be 5-6 minutes,” explains Hilton Head Fire Battalion Chief Tom Bouthillet. “Soif we can get somebody to just start CPR its going to save lives on Hilton Head Island.”

The APP has been successful in doing just that around the country. Saving lives on multiple occasions, thanks to alert citizens who want to help.

The goal now is to get it up and running here.

Already more than 100 people have signed up. They don’t just get alerts, but can also find out exactly where any of the 213 AED’s on Hilton Head are.

The entire Island has been mapped, including 150 different beach positions, and every tee, fairway on green on golf courses in the area.

You don’t have to know CPR to join Pulse Point. The App will actually show you proper CPR technique if you are close to a victim or find yourself in a position to need it.

In the last 24 hours, there were 

CPR-Needed activations


nearby responders alerted around the nation

To get the Pulse Point app, just go to the app store on your Iphone or Android phone and look for “Pulse Point Respond”. Its free to download.

The hope will be to get hundreds of people on the app, all with a chance to help.

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