Hilton Head Fire/EMS in dire need of COVID-19 supplies

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First Responders need N-95 masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer

The shortage of supplies is something many First Responder agencies are dealing with around the nation.

Now its hit one of the departments in the Lowcountry.

Hilton Head Fire/EMS says it does not have enough N-95 masks, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, goggles and eye protection for its firefighters and EMTs who are going out on possible COIV-19 calls.

The Department is asking locals families and businesses to search your houses and garages for dust masks, surgical masks, N-95 Masks, or higher levels of respiratory protection.

If you were caring for a loved one at home who has since passed away, if you work in construction or landscaping, if you manage a surgery center or dentists office that is shutting down during the pandemic except for emergencies, or any other business that utilizes masks, please donate them to Hilton Head Fire Rescue.

“Just remember with COIV-19 the target organ is the lungs,” explains Battalion Chief Tom Bouthilett/ of Hilton Head Fire/EMS. “We are going to see a lot more patients with acute respiratory distress, which means we are going to be burning a lot more N-95 masks. So yes we are ok right now to get through 30-60 days with the N-95’s, but as this disease starts to kick in and we deal with it more and more, we are going to be burning through those masks more quickly.”

You can leave these supplies at any fire station or Fire Rescue HQ at 40 Summit Drive by the Convenience Center. There will be ins available for all donations.

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