GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) – An officer of the Guyton Police Department has been placed on leave pending an investigation into his online activity.

WSAV News 3 is told the officer, identified only as Officer Williams, was responding to comments on social media regarding the police department’s response time.

Guyton Mayor Russ Deen said a general order is now being issued to city police officers to end any social media activity that associates them with the department.

“Failure to comply will result in discipline up to and including immediate termination,” Deen said.

As for the issue of the department’s response time, the mayor clarified that for some calls, the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office responds to the scene. That’s due to employee shortages in the city, he said.

“Our current goal remains to have officers on duty every hour of the day, but staffing shortages make that difficult,” Deen stated.