Guns, drugs found in search of Hilton Head apartment

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The discovery came during Beaufort County Sheriff's search of the home which was the site of a drive by shooting two weeks ago

A Hilton Head woman says her neighbor’s house was riddled with bullet holes after a drive-by shooting.

She reached out to News 3 earlier this month fearing for her family’s safety.

Her pleas may have made a difference.

Beaufort County Sheriff’s and the Violent Crimes Task Force executed a search warrant at a home in the Bridgetown Apartments Thursday.

That is the same home that was hit in an apparent drive-by shooting earlier this month, one of two similar shootings in three days in the area.

Neighbors had called Sheriff’s multiple times and called News 3 for help after that shooting, fearing for their own lives.

Investigators were there for several hours looking for evidence.

Sheriff’s officials tell News 3 they found suspected narcotics and 5 different guns inside the apartment.

“That scares the living daylights out of my only because of the simple fact why do they need five guns?” said Tamberly Thompson who lives next door. “They not hunting, they not fishing, why do you need five guns unless you are protecting yourself from something or somebody that is out there that you cannot see.”

Tamberly says she is happy Sheriff’s listened to her, for News 3 to put the story out there and that she was willing to step up and speak out.

“They acted up on every tip, every piece of information I gave them. They acted on that and that was awesome,” said Tamberly. “I’m just ike thank goodness because somebody listened, they didn’t just push me around from person to another. They actually collaborated together, they actually made a plan and they executed it.”

“I believe that now that we have it open I believe there’s going to be a lot more to this story than what’s being said. But I’m grateful, I’m thankful.”

“You just can’t rely on just the police. You have to open up, stand up and tell people. Because the more people know and the more light that’s brought on the subject, the more the rats will scatter.”

So far no arrests have been made in this case, but the investigation continues according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

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