STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – Many students who attend Georgia Southern University are afraid for their safety after a shooting left one person injured.

Early Sunday morning – Statesboro police responded to a shooting off of Chandler road right where the popular bar, The Blue Room, is located. 

Officials found a male in a wooded area suffering from a gunshot wound. 

Georgia Southern’s campus sits directly across the street where the incident happened and students say they are fearful to go out now.

Emily McHenry said, “I mean I’m a frequent visitor at that bar and that’s a little concerning. I’ve never been super concerned about my safety here. I’ve felt safe at Georgia Southern, but that is a little bit concerning.” 

Jayden Thorton, a Georgia Southern student says university officials always alert students and staff of a threat – but he never received any communication. 

“I hope that they’re just more active about letting us know what’s going on, what can happen and what has happened because it’s really worrying when something happens on campus really close to you and you don’t know about it until someone else who’s not like an official or staff or like even the school that’s supposed to, that you’re paying to let you know things, it’s really worrying they’re not the ones telling you directly,” Thornton said. 

He says he will have to be more mindful when heading out. 

Thornton said, “Yeah, it’s definitely going to be harder for me to think about going out at night, especially because that’s usually when I like to walk around, do like my little walks, but it’s like if I know that someone’s if there’s a danger that I know someone’s gonna be out there and that something might happen even if it’s not done directly towards me, it can just happen near me then it definitely makes me double check or you know think about it more”.

Jennifer Wise, Director of Communications for Georgia Southern University says the incident did not happen on Georgia Southern’s campus and Statesboro police are handling the situation.