SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The former owner of Liquid Cafe and a controversial bar formerly known as Sloppee Toppee has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for bank fraud as well as concealment of a felony, according to U.S. Attorneys with the Southern District of Georgia.

Jacqueline Somesso, 55, of Savannah submitted a fake pandemic relief loan application which resulted in losses of $570,736.87. The judge ordered Somesso to pay restitution in this amount as well as hand over a money judgment in that amount. A consent order was also entered by the Court which forfeits her interest in a certificate of deposit of $350,236.54 as well as a bank account of $3,520.91 which both contained fraud money seized from her during the investigation.

Back in February, Somesso attempted to apply for a liquor license for her bar, Sloppee Toppee, but was denied due to pending federal charges. The bar later changed its name to Henry Street Bistro and came under new ownership earlier this summer.

According to the Phoenix report, Somesso was also arrested in 2012 for hindering apprehension and also faced legal trouble in 2005 being held in contempt of court.