Few citations on Day 1 of Georgia’s distracted driving law

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Drivers seemed to be going about their business as usual on Monday at one of the busiest intersections on Savannah’s east side.

But drivers here and across The Peach State are getting used to the new ‘hands-free’ law.

With the new law, motorists who hold their phone or support it with their body to talk or text while driving will join what’s certain to be a growing list of people cited as distracted drivers.

News 3 reached out to every municipal police department in Chatham County to see how many drivers received citations on day one.

Just two were able to share their numbers, with only a single distracted driving citation out of Port Wentworth.

Many drivers have already taken precautions to comply with the new law, and some local businesses are seeing a bump in business as a result.

“I’d say in the past three weeks, we’ve probably sold more radios with Bluetooth than we have in the past three months,” said Mike Kimball with Kimball’s Radio & Tape Center.

While the new law doesn’t mandate that drivers purchase Bluetooth technologies, many are turning to businesses like Kimball’s to install or update their radios.

Some businesses in Savannah report having a three-week waiting list; Kimball says their wait list is about five days.

If a Bluetooth investment isn’t on your radar, many hands-free options are available – some even for $10 or less.

Savannah, Chatham County and Pooler Police urge you to get compliant as soon as possible, though they are allowing drivers a 30-day grace period before giving citations.

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