FBI releases sketch of second Savannah victim connected to Samuel Little

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Authorities have released ten recent drawings by convicted killer Samuel Little based on his memories of his victims, including one more in Savannah.

The newly released drawing shows a black female who is believed to have been between 22 or 23 years old when she was killed in 1974.

Little has confessed to 90 murders, from California to Florida, two in Savannah. Authorities hope his recent sketches will bring closure to some cold cases.

“He is an intelligent man its safe to say. He’s kept their memories alive in his head,” District Attorney, Meg Heap said. “He has been able to give facts that nobody else but law enforcement knows. So that we can verify in fact it is him.”

In recent months, Sgt. Roberto Santoro with the Savannah Police Department traveled to meet the 78-year-old who is currently serving three life sentences for the murders of three women in California.

Santoro came back with a photo of a woman Little claims to have killed in Savannah in 1984.

The victim is described as a black female, 5’5’’ and 120 pounds with a birthmark on her left cheek.

“She was found on a dead-end street off of Montgomery Street sometime in 1984…she was found on top of a sand pile. There were piles of sand that were on this dead end street because there was construction going on at the time,” Santoro says.

He adds, he was not able to ask Little many questions about the Savannah case from 1974. What’s still shocking to authorities is Little’s vivid memory.

“You have to look and figure out what motivates him to do this. And that goes a long way to understanding why he remembers it so vividly, it’s based on sexual gratification,” Santoro said.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the sketches, Little, or the two local crimes to call Santoro at 912-651-4362 with any details.

To view more sketches released by the FBI, visit here

According to the FBI, eight cases have been removed from the website after being confirmed or matched to open cases. In addition, they say one formerly unmatched confession has been matched to a Jane Doe.

Investigators believe Little is now talking about his victims in hopes to move prisons. In addition, if he’s responsible for the dozens of murders, he could be one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history.

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