Effingham County Sheriff’s Watching Drivers Closely on New Year’s

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You have the perfect dress, tuxedo, the party to go to – what you want to eat and drink, and who you want to ring in the new year with.

But did you prepare a way to get home if you are drinking?

Its something many folks forget, and why officers and deputies will be out on New Year’s, but not celebrating.

“How you doing today?”

“Apparently wasn’t paying attention to what i was doing.”

That driver wasn’t paying attention.

One of the big problems sheriff’s say drivers have in Effingham County.

“The speed limit down here is 55 I clocked you at 67,” explained Sgt Brian Mundy to the driver he pulled over.

After almost 30 years on the job, Effingham county traffic Sgt Brian Mundy knows only too well what speed, and speeding can do.

“Everybody thinks they can run 10 over,” says Mundy. “10 over the speed limit, but they don’t understand how much that little bit over takes away your reaction time.”

Reaction that can be the difference between life and death in some cases.

“My biggest worry is me making it home. “

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Department will be out in force on New Year’s patrolling the roads and watching out for dangerous drivers, no matter who they are.

“(I) stopped a guy on Monday I have known for 20 years,” said Mundy. “He knows i have a job to do. his daughter wasn’t seat belted in and i issued him a ticket for it.”

Tickets are the least of the problems on the holiday.

Sgt Mundy says the number of impaired drivers, the ones who had too much to drink, is going down.

They only took three drunk drivers to jail last year.

But alcohol is only the second biggest factor when it comes to speed, and crashes.

“Now a days the majority of the time its going to be a distracted driver,” explains Mundy. “And that distraction is going to be a cell phone.” They are worse sometiumes that aan intoxicated driver.”

14 deaths on Effingham county roads since October of last year, a number Mundy hopes will stop on New Year’s Day, even if he has to stop everyone not obeying the law.

“I would love to see this holiday go by with zero fatalities, zero arrests, everybody doing what they are supposed to be doing, A nice smooth night. Will it happen? I can only hope.”

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