Drunk driver reports herself

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BOUNTIFUL, Utah (KSL) Newly released audio recordings show a Utah woman called dispatch to report a drunk driver while she, herself, was intoxicated.

The woman was animated and emphatic as she called in to report the suspected drunk driver, but something about her just didn’t sound right to dispatcher Cassidy Mizell.

“She’s hiccupping and burping,” Mizell recalled of the phone conversation that began just before 5:00 p.m. on August 16.

It only took a few short questions for the dispatcher to figure out the problem – the woman herself seemed to be intoxicated.

A recording of the call captured the woman laughing at times as she described, with slurred speech, the supposed other driver.

“She drive next to the police department!” the woman nearly yelled, subsequently adding that she was close to the Woods Cross police station. “She was swerving all over the road!”

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