DEA investigating after suitcase full of money found during Jasper County traffic stop

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JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – A Jasper County traffic stop on Interstate 95 is now a drug investigation after thousands of dollars in drug money was recovered inside a suitcase.

Officials with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) said over $150,000 in cash was found during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

Detective Sgt. Jake Higgins said when the driver was pulled over he consented to a search and then he fainted.

“When that occurred, that particular deputy has more than 20 years experience in law enforcement and criminal interdiction, so he decided to investigate further while emergency services were attending to the suspect,” Higgins said.

Drug dogs then determined the money was in the trunk and at some point had been near drugs.

JCSO finds over $150,000 dollars in drug-related money during traffic stop.

Though this was an unusual find, they tell News 3 that criminal activity, specifically drug-related activity, is a big problem in the county.

“Interstate 95 is a corridor for drugs for the east coast,” Higgins said. “Drugs and money… human trafficking.”

That corridor runs right through Jasper County, which keeps detective Higgins and his team busy.

“We work with our state and federal partners all the time to ensure that we are capturing as much as we can,” Higgins said. “Jasper county is limited in resources, but we do work with what we have.”

This case was turned over to the DEA for further investigation.

“With these investigations, there are a lot of moving parts that’s why we transferred it over to the DEA,” Higgins said. “The money, the information, and they were able to interview the suspect.”

Higgins said the suspect was released from police custody and his identity is being protected.

“Because there could be circumstances where that person could be used as a mule for drug money, could be used to just simply transfer large sums of money or drugs on the interstate,” Higgins said. “So we have to be good stewards of their safety also.”

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