Cited on St. Patrick’s Day? You’ll be paying green

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2019 St. Patrick's Day Festival Fines

Tens of thousands of visitors are making their way to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day, and while fun is a priority — safety tops it.

The city will be issuing heavy fines for those who are found drinking underage, urinating in public or violating other ordinances.

Take a look at the fines you could face for:

  • One drink on-street limit – $121
  • Size limited 16 ounces – $150
  • Drinking from can, bottle or glass – $150
  • Drinking alcohol in parked motor vehicle – $150
  • Unlawful for minor to drink/possess alcohol – $250
  • Consumption of alcohol in Festival Area (control zone) without required wristband – $100
  • Disorderly conduct by urinating in public – $200
  • Disorderly conduct by fighting, indecency, etc. – $500

According to the city, appearance bond is $1,000 for all local ordinance violations.

This year, officials are setting up a pop-up Recorder’s Court in Chippewa Square. Fines can be paid on the spot, at a lower price than it would be at a later date. For those from out of town, this gives them an opportunity to bite the bullet and face a judge.

The city says violations will be handled just like any other ticket. Residents in Chatham County may be released with a city ordinance summons.

Violators can appear in court to plead their case, but a court appearance can be avoided by paying the fine in advance at the Recorders Court window (133 Montgomery Street) or online here.

As a reminder, if you ignore a citation, you’ll be found in Contempt of Court.

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