Chatham County PD hopes PSA will help remind residents to lockup

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The Chatham County Police Department is hoping their upcoming PSA will remind resident to lock their car doors.

This is in response to unincorporated Chatham County having 355 car thefts from Feb. 1 to now, with 95 percent coming from unlocked vehicles.

Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley said he hopes the message of the PSA will be conveyed clearly. 

Hadley also said the biggest issue the PSA will be addressing is the problem of guns being taken from vehicles. There have been 34 stolen this year, and so far only two have been returned.  

He also hopes the PSA will help residents think twice when walking away from their vehicles and not locking it.

“I just hope that it resonates with viewers, that as innocent as it may seem in terms of ‘I didn’t lock my car,’ that weapon could be used in a crime,” Hadley explained. 

He said this is something he hopes never happens because it’s completely preventable. 

“No one would leave $500 in cash, or wouldn’t generally leave cash on their dashboard, but they’ll leave $500 guns in their cars,” Hadley said. 

The chief said break-ins have slowed down some, but this month between the third and ninth of this month, eight thefts occurred. 

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