CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Chatham County District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones has been sanctioned by a federal judge for what he says is “utter nonsense built on fabrications.”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge R. Stan Baker, of the Southern District of Georgia, ruled Cook Jones in default in a sexual discrimination lawsuit where she is a defendant.

The judge claimed she was attempting to avoid appearing for a deposition. The case is centered around a complaint brought by a former assistant prosecutor in Cook-Jones’ office, Skye Musson.

Musson alleges Cook Jones fostered a “bro culture” when she took over the DA’s office in January 2021. She says Cook Jones denied her a promotion because of her gender.

The judge’s ruling says Cook Jones agreed to be deposed on April 11 but she then took on the role of trial counsel in a rape case that was scheduled for the same day.

The ruling says the DA did not notify the courts or Musson’s legal team of the scheduling conflict until April 10 “literally hours and minutes before her April 11 deposition.”