Bluffton Police working with the community to keep Town safe

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"Community policing" isn't just a buzzword in Bluffton, its a way of life for officers

Protecting and serving the people of Bluffton.

That’s the goal of Bluffton Police officers on the beat every day.

“We are just like you we just have a job to do that’s all,” said Ofc. Tyrell Rocke.

For Tyrell Rocke, his job is to be a Bluffton Police officer.

A far cry from his previous profession, personal security for stars like Jay Z and Beyonce.

“I feel like its way more fulfilling do to this kind of job than what I was doing before,” said Rocke. “The way I would address the way I did things before was all cosmetic, it was all about the look, Now I can reach my community, get out and know the town, makes me feel better.”

He’s making people throughout Bluffton feel better, by keeping them safe.

“We do have the time and the luxury of being able to do other things in the town than breaking up drug rings and putting ourselves in danger,” said Rocke.

“As I am working right now I can find something and do something on my own. I can choose today to enforce stop signs. and to educate the community of stopping and signs. Something as simple as that could keep down accidents that can happen in the town.”

Spending his time out of the car and in local businesses, connecting with the public.

“I have a better understanding of the community and the community has a better understanding of what we do.”

“You can’t fake it. You try to fake it and they are going to look at you and turn their back. And that’s what you don’t want, you want them to know you because people fear what they don’t understand.”

“They just see you there and you throw a smile and shake a hand like the guy in the chair. Now he knows you and knows that he knows the barbershop and knows the guy and he gets his haircut over here, cool man.”

It is an attitude that businesspeople like Joe Gancio of Joe’s Classic Cuts Barber Shop appreciate

“I have a personal relationship with these guys you know. at the end of the day they are human beings just like us,” said Joe Gancio.

Human beings that have a gun, a badge, and a whole lot of heart.

“Having the skin and the heart to get up every day and do this work. From multitasking on a high level to your adrenaline running at a high level to something where you can be laughing one minute and it’s a beautiful day to something that could be the worst day of someone’s life.”

Bluffton Police are now looking for more officers to add to their Department. Officials say it takes a certain type of person to be part of this growing Department.

“We are problem solvers, it would be nothing for one of our officers to be picking up trash on the side of the road, We are very involved in the community,” said Lt Christian Gonzales. “We do it because we want to. Nobody is telling us to do it.”

The Department hopes to add as many as 50 people to their hiring list, with the possibility of hiring dozens by next year.

If you are interested, there is a hiring expo Saturday, March 7 at the Bluffton Police Department on Progressive street. It runs from 9 a m to 3 p m.

Applicants must be 21 years or older and will participate in an application review, physical agility test, written exam, interview and more.

For information, please contact Lt. Gonzales at 843-706-4550.

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