Bluffton Police and Fire offer visual demonstration of effects of drinking and driving

Crime & Safety

A gruesome accident at Bluffton High School. One person dead, two more injured, the result of a drunk driver.

Luckily, in this case, it’s just a re-enactment. Bluffton Police and Fire joining forces to stage a crash, complete with an arrest, victims and the jaws of life.

A fake crash now that firefighters and police hope they don’t see in real life on the roads later.

It’s designed to give the gathered crowd of students a look at what could happen if you drink and drive on prom night.

The hope is that with this important and stirring visual show, kids will learn.

Seeing what could happen, and steer clear of alcohol drugs and reckless or distracted driving. 

“That was one of my best friends all throughout high school (playing the dead student) and to see him like that really hurt me,” said Bluffton student and re-enactor Jaishon Jenkins.

“It brings it to life and I would much rather them see this than a true accident where one of their friends is laying over the hood of the car,” said Bluffton Police Chief Chris Chapmond, who took part in the demonstration by playing one of the victims.

“To put yourself in a situation where you would up the odds of something like that. It doesn’t make any sense,” said Bluffton student and re-enactor Sophia Nienke.

Along with the firefighters, police, and EMS from the town, Bluffton’s own Police Chief Chris Chapmond and Fire Chief John Thompson took part in the re-enactment as well, playing victims of the crash.

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