Lowcountry firefighters want you to know the drill

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BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — It’s fire prevention week and departments in the Lowcountry want to prepare you in case of an emergency.

This week, Bluffton Fire is spreading awareness about fire preparedness specifically about fire safety in your home.

“We want to encourage people to also have a fire escape plan for their home and for their families,” says Lt. Veronica Gutierrez.

The department wants you to know the drill, make a fire safety preparedness plan, map your exits and make sure to test your fire alarms.

Image provided by Bluffton Fire.

“Whether or not it’s a consistent beeping or an alerting beeping, we want people to know the difference in those sounds, so whether or not their smoke alarms need maintenance or there is, in fact, a fire emergency,” Gutierrez said.

Firefighters want you to make sure you have extinguishers in your home and you know how to use them.

“One of the things we can look at is we want to make sure the gage is in the green, we want to make sure that all the plastic pieces are not dry rotted, that the nozzle is cleaned off and the main thing is we want to make sure that the community knows how to use them and one of the easiest things is this actually has a pin you can pull out here and then it’s very simple, pull the pin, aim the fire extinguisher, aim the trigger and then we’re going to sweep the fire,” Captain Randy Hunter says.

Fire prevention week runs until Oct. 9.

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