BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — “You signed a document you were going to show up for jury duty on March 20. and you didn’t show up, which means you are in contempt of court.”

That’s how the phone call started this week with the intended victim.

She tells News 3 scammers called and said she was in trouble for not being part of a jury.

They had her name, her address and said she had to drive to the courthouse right away.

“And I also need you to stay on the phone the entire time because this is a mobile escort,” the caller said. 

They continued, “If you hang up from this phone call and it’s recorded I will have to send the county sheriff to come and arrest you.”

Lt. Eric Calendine of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said, “They want to keep you on the phone and continue that fear and intimidation.”

Lt. Calendine says scam artists are staying busy in our area.

People have filed three reports in three days and this call makes a fourth. 

Calendine said, “It’s to the point now where we are seeing the bad guys using new techniques, spoofing our phone number so all of a sudden a victim is getting a call from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.”

He further explained, “They will use real names from the sheriff’s office so then a victim will do research and make sure this deputy works for the sheriff’s office and it is. But it’s actually the bad guy impersonating the officer.”

And these bad guys all have one goal—cashing in.

“The end game was to eventually get her to go somewhere and get her money or go to a bitcoin machine to get them money to use,” Calendine said. 

He continued, “We don’t ask you for money for missing jury duty, that’s not the policy of the sheriff’s office. When you get these phone calls, hang up. Call the sheriff’s office right away.”