BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — An elderly man is being hailed as a hero after springing into action and saving his wife from a destructive home fire.

The only thing fiercer than the flames that burned Jody Price’s home to the ground is the love he has for his wife. It’s been 55 years since Jody and Judy said I do. 

He’d show WSAV the pictures but they were burned in the fire just like so many of their other things.

Jody said a smoke alarm woke him up but through the flames, he worried about his wife when he couldn’t find Judy.

At 75 years old from the outside of his burning home, Jody used a mop to break into Judy’s bedroom window. When that wasn’t enough to rescue the love of his life, he drove the tractor through the home to rescue her.

Together they got in their truck and drove to the fire station at least 3 miles away to wake up the firefighters to put out the fire.  

According to Bryan County Fire & Emergency Services, Pembroke and Bryan County Fire crews battled the fire relentlessly throughout the night, facing high winds, rain, and deteriorated road conditions. Fire officials say the fire continued to flare up every time they put it out.

It was those firefighters who posted this heroic story on social media.  

Ask Price about losing his home and he will tell you that is nothing compared to the price of losing love.

This family isn’t asking for much help but they do need clothes, furniture and dishes. Everything inside their home is gone but not their love.

Correction: The man’s age has been corrected.