BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — The second murder trial in the death of DJ Fields entered day three today. Fields was a Bluffton High School student who was shot and killed in March of 2021.

​Today is the third day in the trial in the state against Ty Chaneyfield. Chaneyfield is accused of shooting and killing Fields in March of 2021.

On Thursday, Chaneyfield testified in his own defense. He says he was with Jimmie Green at a bowling alley before the shooting. Earlier This Year, Green was sentenced to 40 years in prison for Fields’s death. But Chaneyfield says he left and went home and never saw them again that night. Chaneyfield is charged with the murder of Fields and two other attempted murder charges. The state called a witness earlier in the case who says — Chaneyfield was heard on video in the car shouting he wanted to shoot someone. On the stand, Chaneyfield denied everything. The jury heard a final argument from both the prosecution and defense. We’ll start with the prosecution.

Both the prosecution and defense have finished their closing arguments.

​Now, the jury has been charged, but deliberations won’t start until tomorrow morning. Then they will decide if Ty Chaneyfield is guilty of murdering DJ Fields.