WSAV gives back on ‘Founder’s Day’ by cleaning up Tybee beach


TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) – News 3 hit the sand for a special event on Tybee Island. It was a chance to give back as part of our parent company’s annual Founder’s Day celebration. 

The WSAV team spent hours Monday morning picking up trash left behind on Tybee’s North Beach. The trash consisted of mostly cigarette butts, plastic, and clothing items. 

The cleanup was in partnership with the organization “Tybee Clean Beach,” a group that volunteers to clean up the area’s beaches at least once a week.  

It was our way of giving back to the community for our company Nexstar’s, Founder’s Day of Giving, a day when we help organizations that are always helping others.  

“This is what we do with Nexstar, but also here at WSAV. We care so much about our community,” said Tina Tyus-Shaw. “Honestly I’ve been volunteering all my life, it’s in my DNA. I love to do what I can to give back to the community and helping to clean the beach is one way.”

Together with Tybee Clean Beach, we helped make miles of sand litter free. A volunteer with the group says this hard work helps the environment. 

“It’s an ecological improvement by us doing it. The garbage, trash washes out as the waves come in and the wind blows it in [the water] so then it starts to affect the wind and wildlife habitat, the fisheries, our shrimp industry and anything that’s aquatic related, ” Joe Stahl. 

The group said they mostly find small items when cleaning up, but sometimes come across big items like WSAV’s Ben Katko did when finding a chair. It’s a good reminder of good advice when enjoying the surf and sun,  leave only your footprints behind.

“Take that one second to just toss it [trash] because we want to keep our beaches clean,” Danni Dikes said.

To give you an idea of just how much garbage is left behind we collected about 15  five gallon buckets worth of trash. Forty recyclable plastic bottles and about two thousand cigarette butts.

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