HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) — Players, volunteers and staff were all looking to the skies for the kickoff to the 12th Annual Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Heroes Tournament.

Green Berets drop into the course. 

The last man—paid for the right to come crashing down to Earth.

It’s all part of an event full of fun and honor for the men and women who fought for our country and what that may have done to their bodies and minds.

“We started it to make sure the service and sacrifice of those who were combat wounded was not forgotten over time,” said Russ Spicer 

The flags fly high as everyone gets ready to tee off.

While golf is what the draw is for the players—it’s about much more.

Veteran injured in combat, “I haven’t met a single person here who doesn’t have an amazing story. Whether they are civilians helping out their local veteran or a veteran themselves.”

Former Ranger Ryan Davis is a Savannah native who lost three limbs in combat.

But he has not lost the smile on his face.

This veteran says a day like this, with friends old and new, is vital to healing.

“I got injured at the end of the war so there wasn’t a whole lot of people in the coffee shop in the morning to bounce things off of that had gone through what I went through,” Davis explained. So now it’s very refreshing and upbeat when you are around people who seem to have this easy answer in their back pocket the whole time while you are looking for it in a completely different place.”

And while some of these golfers could use some practice, they all walk away winners from this game.

Russ Spicer of the Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Heroes said, “It’s never about the golf it’s always about the camaraderie, the relationships that get built and the fun these guys have in one day.”

The all-volunteer charity has given out more than $1.7 million to veteran aid programs since it started 12 years ago.