SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Purple is the first color of autumn in Forsyth Park, not by leaves, but by way of ribbons to bring awareness to domestic violence.

Yesterday was the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Safe Shelter has been a community staple for the City of Savannah for over 45 years and today they carried out an annual tradition that they hope spreads awareness and information.

“We are tying purple ribbons on all the trees to promote awareness about domestic violence issues we have here in our community we are doing it at the park because on Thursday we are hosting a vigil by the fountain to honor and commemorate folks who have lost their lives due to domestic violence this year,” Shannon Bates, CEO Safe Shelter, told News 3.

The cards are tied around every other tree surrounding the park and each one of them displays Safe Shelter’s 24/7 hotline and website.

“Savannah is a small community but we all know Savannah has its issues and we are actually the second largest domestic violence shelter in the state second largest to Atlanta, so I think that just drives home how important we are to the community,” Bates said.

Safe Shelter doesn’t just offer a place to stay for those experiencing abuse they also offer services to help victims create a new life such as counseling services and temporary protective orders. Shannon said she just wants everyone to know there is always hope.

“There is hope and there are tools out there to empower them and I know sometimes when you’re in the thick of it doesn’t seem like there is a way out, but the first step is when you are ready to give us a call and we can start you on your way,” Shannon Bates CEO Safe shelter.

Safe Shelter will be putting on many different events throughout the month to promote awareness and bring light to an often-overlooked problem.