POOLER, Ga. (WSAV) — The first Viva Activa Health and Wellness Festival called everyone young and old to get up, get out and get moving Sunday afternoon.

The event was held in Pooler at Tom Triplett Park from 1 to 6 p.m.

“It wants to bring together everyone around the Savannah and Pooler area to make sure they have a healthy life,” Catalina Sandoval, a JCB representative, said. 

To promote a healthy lifestyle, the event included sessions of activities.

“We are actually having some Zumba classes and yoga classes,” Sandoval said. “We have one of our experts from JCB. She is going to come in and talk a lot about cholesterol and why is it important for women to go and get checked every year.”

However, what started out as a warm sunny Sunday soon became a rainy one. As everyone took cover, Karen Jacobs with the Savannah Sauce Company told News 3 that rain could not stop this event.

“The message that I got from this is that no matter what happens in life, we still persevere, and we still go on,” Jacobs said. “Even though it’s raining, we can actually continue to do what needs to be done. I was glad to see people still dancing despite the rain.”

She went on to say having events geared toward the Latin American community is important.

“The Latin American community has grown substantially in the past few years,” Jacobs explained. “I think it’s a way of embracing the Latin American community and also educating and informing them. So, I was very excited to be a part of this and I also got a chance to practice Spanish.”