‘Tacos for a Cause’ supports local group’s fight against human trafficking


It’s Taco Tuesday for a local restaurant, but tonight the focus is turning to those impacted by human trafficking. 

Over the weekend, investigators made 40 arrests as a result of the trafficking crackdown during Super Bowl 53.

But experts say it’s a problem happening all over the state.

Georgia state officials met yesterday afternoon to discuss efforts to combat human trafficking and local organizations and restaurants here in Savannah are banding together to do the same. 

“It’s a very unfortunate thing that is part of our community that could affect any one of us at any time,” said Sharon Massey.

Massey and her husband run Bull Street Taco and every Tuesday this month, in partnership with Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking, they’re pushing an agenda; Helping raise awareness about a growing crime that targets vulnerable women and girls,

“We get to do the fun part, they do the hard part,” said Massey.

For Dr. Karen Lambia, who works with SWAHT, the hardest part is knowing you can’t save them all. 

“My question always is for every one case that we know about—how many cases do we not know about,” said Lambia.

Addie Smith was one of those cases. She was just 20 years old when she was trafficked. 

“All for about maybe eight or nine hours I was traumatically beaten and raped. I was sodomized. Looking back now and being educated on sex trafficking I knew that they had actually been watching me and everything had been planned out,” said Smith.

but she said she would go through it all again if she could save just one person.

“I think it’s important that we do raise awareness that it does happen in these small little local communities that we overlook, ” said Smith.

Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking (SWAHT) is a nonprofit focused on educating the public about the crime, and going a step further by empowering the community to report it.

If you cannot make it to the event, you can find more information and resources on their website here.

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