SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and a non-profit organization, T.E.A.L, hosted a walk Saturday morning to support and raise awareness.

Savannah’s T.E.A.L organization is looking to raise $20,000 in hopes to donate a portion to research.

“They are hoping to finally find a test that would accurately diagnose and that’s the goal of what we are going for,” Rachel Davis, TEAL Walk coordinator said. “Besides that, it is to raise funds to spread awareness as far and wide as we can.”

Whitney Parsons is currently battling gynecologic cancer and she tells News 3, an awareness event like this is needed.

“When you go to hospitals you see nothing about gynecological cancer,” Parsons said. “There needs to be more awareness because this is what makes you a woman.”

Even as she is fighting, she stressed the importance of women everywhere to be aware by taking care of their body and getting annual check-ups. This week, she awaits important results.

“They believe they have 90 percent of it,” Parsons said in regard to her cancer. “I’ll find out on Friday. I’m praying that this is the end of my journey and that I can finally be a survivor.”

27-year-old, Kelly Rachal, just finished her chemotherapy a little less than a year ago. Her cancer symptoms were as mild as a bloated stomach, which did not ring alarm bells for her.

“The thing about ovarian cancer that makes it so deadly is that the symptoms are so mild,” Rachal said. “People go a long time dealing with the symptoms just thinking that it’s something they can treat at home. Really, it can signify something way worse.”

As she participated in the walk on Saturday morning, she told us she is grateful to be able to be present for a cause that plays a role in her life.

“Last year at this time in September I was laying on the couch, no hair and feeling terrible,” Rachal said. “You know because I was going through chemo. It’s such a triumph for me to be able to be here and do this. It’s so great to see how far I’ve come but also spread awareness and symptoms I had no clue signified ovarian cancer.”