She is the creator of STEM Girl Swag, a public speaker, a STEM advocate, entrepreneur and the inventor of the STEM Swag Box— and she’s only 12-years-old!
Temple Lester is making a difference in her school, her community, and across the country.
She paid a visit with us on News 3 Today to talk about her love for science and why it’s important to spark the interest of other children.

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About Temple:
Temple is the creator of STEM Girl Swag where she advocates for girls and minorities to gain exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related-fields. At age 9, she created a website ( to encourage her friends, especially girls, to get involved. She volunteers at schools and community events by speaking and conducting science demonstrations. In 2017, she won the Georgia Science Teachers Association’s STEM-Talk Competition where she had the opportunity to go to UGA and speak to science teachers across the state of Georgia about filling the gap in STEM. She also held a book drive and collected 2,500 books for Columbia Elementary School and Sheltering Arms – East Lake. Temple was recently selected out of 38,000 Girl Scouts in Metro Atlanta to deliver the keynote speech at their Second Century Luncheon. “A memorable moment for me was when I spoke at E. Rivers Elementary School. I was the keynote speaker for their S.T.E.A.M. Day. When I came in on my hover board, the students and staff all cheered. They were just as excited when I shared with them my story in science, boundaries that I want to break and limitations that I am already exceeding. I loved showing my peers that you don’t have to be an adult to make a difference, but you can make a difference at a young age and start now.”

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