ODUM, Ga. (WSAV) — Down in Wayne County, just 45 miles off the interstate, sits a 10-acre sorghum maze modeled after none other than the man that brought Georgia Football their first national championship in over 40 years — Stetson Bennett.

You’d probably think a 250 x 130 row design of this magnitude would take days, if not weeks, to create. But when you’re part of a coalition of over 300 farms nationwide under The Maize Company, their Utah-based team can knock it out in less than a day. The Stetson Bennett corn maze was no different.

“The process is like cross stitching, you just follow the pattern,” explained Tanya Poppell, Co-owner of Poppell Farms. “When they come and they begin cutting, it’s usually about 8 hours. They’ll come, they bring a team in, they start and they’re professionals, they’ve done this many years.”

This isn’t something new for the Poppells, either. They’ve been creating designs like this for over 15 years now.

“In 2014 we had Paula Deen, and then in 2015 is when we celebrated Charlie Brown’s 50th anniversary, and then I believe it was in 2016 it was Cole Swindell because it was the year he had won new entertainer of the year,” Mrs. Poppell said.

But this year, the decision of whose likeness should dawn their illustrious sorghum maze was an easy choice.

“It’s like you never expect something to come from a small town boy, you know what I’m saying. And they go to this big school and get all famous and then, it’s kind of just an inspiration for kids,” said Morgan Humphrey, a helper at the farm.

Especially when the man who led Georgia Football back to greatness grew up just a few miles down Highway 84 in Blackshear.

“You know it’s like, what a life lesson for all of us. Of determination, true determination. No matter what you’re told, how many times you’re told that you can’t, you prove that you can,” said Poppell.

Their sorghum art has been so well received, they’ve even gained the attention of ESPN along the way.

“It comes up on screen and everything, I was like wow, that’s crazy it’s right down the street from me too,” said Liberty Co. resident Josh Lairamore.

“When those folks started picking it up we, it kinda changed things a bit. We knew that we were kind of on to something maybe,” Tanya said.

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