BULLOCH COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — Bulloch County Public Works is working to reopen flooded roads after Hurricane Idalia hit on Wednesday.

There was damage to over 50 roads when the storm came through. Now, only 15 remain too dangerous to drive through, according to Assistant Director of Public Works Robert Seamans.

Bulloch County has the most mileage of dirt roads in the State of Georgia, according to Seamans.

“We’ve got over 700 miles of dirt road in the county, and it’s taken us a little bit of time to get through. This is not an easy chore,” Seamans says. “We’re picking up details hourly from call-ins and our staff is finding stuff as they’re doing these inspections.”

The only asphalt road with damage is one of their more long term projects. Floods washing away the shoulder that supported a guardrail on Brannen Pond Connector Road.

“We’ve lost over six feet of the road on the only side there,” Seamans says. “The guardrails are down at the bottom. Now, we’ve had undermining. There are large culverts. The water was completely overtopping and taking the dirt out.”

Ibo Anderson Road and Railroad Bed Road are two others that will take some time to repair. Seamans says he and his crews are working day and night to make these roads passable. He says the county was prepared for Hurricane Season.

“We started bringing in extra material in large grade rock and that type of stuff,” Seamans says. “We already have dirt on hand, but we did start bringing in extra materials, supplies and stuff for the crews. Most of us did spend the night the other night.”

If anyone needs to report an issue, call the Public Works office at 912-764-6369. Seamans says they are in need of help from the public.

“Please don’t go around our signs or our barricades. There are major safety issues there. We don’t want anybody getting hurt. Please don’t move our signs or our barricades. We don’t want anybody to put yourself in jeopardy,” Seamans says.

Currently, several Bulloch County roads still remain closed following Tropical Storm Idalia:

  • Sinkhole Road- from Burkhalter Road to GW Oliver Spur
  • Sinkhole Road- ¼ mile from Evans County Line to Evans County Line
  • Brannen Pond Road
  • Railroad Bed Road- from Railroad Bed Connector to Arcola Road
  • Robertson Road- from Highway 80 to Railroad Bed Road
  • Two Chop Road- From Highway 25 to Portal City Limit
  • Railroad Bed Road- from Arcola  Road to Highway 80
  • Moore Chavers Road

Officials say the list is constantly changing and they will continue to monitor the safety of both dirt and asphalt roads in the county.